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Location -Toronto, Canada

Film, Television and Public Display Installations.

2014 Scenic Painter, Idol's Eye, Feature Film. IE Productions.

2014 Set Painter, Inland, Feature Film. Deepa Mehta Productions.

2014 Set Painter, Reign-series. (Season 2) Reign Production Inc.

2014 Set Painter, Strain, (Season 2) _Series. Strain Can Productions.

2014 Set Painter, 12 Monkeys (Season 1) Series. GEP/SYFY Productions.

2014 Set Painter, Beauty and the Beast. (Season 3) BatB Productions Inc.

2014 Set Painter, Beauty and the Beast.(Season 2) BatB Productions Inc.

2014 Set Painter, Reign-series. Reign Production Inc.

2014 Set Painter, Strain, (Season 1) _Series. Strain Can Productions.1jR#ugt

2013 Set Painter, Hannibal, Season 2. Doheny Productions.

2013 Set Painter, Strain, The Pilot. Strain Can Productions.

2013 Set Painter, Hemlock Grove, Season 2. Lockhem Productions.

2013 Designer, Sculptor, Volcano and Columns. CNE. Ostop Entertainment.

2013 Designer, Sculptor. Steel Chicken (that lays eggs) Burnbrae Farms.

2013 Designer, Fabricator, Installer. Raise the Roof. Leo Brunett.

2012 Designer, Sculptor. Fearless. Canadian Cancer Society.

2012 Set Painter. Covert Affairs.Television Series.

2012 Set Dresser. Defiance. Television Series.

2012 Set Dresser. Robocop. Feature Film.

2012 Set Painter. Beauty and the Beast. Television Series.

2012 Scenic Painter. Warehouse 13. Television Series.

2012 Set Painter. Mortal Instruments. Feature Film

2012 Painter. Paddles Contact Voyaging Co.

2012 Sculptor/Mural Painter. Cyrus Rezvanian

2012 Prop Designer/Builder. Walking Bill board. Fervent Events

2012 Prop Designer/Builder. Television Costume. Fervent Events.

2011 Sculptor/Painter. Mystique. FXSmith. TIFF.

2011 Prop Designer/Builder. Lemon. Aldo Shoes.

2011 Set Painter. Cobu 3D. Lionsgate Films .

2011 Set Painter. Nekita. Warner Bros.

2011 Prop Builder. The children's Theatre Project.

2010 Painter. Performance Solutions

2010 "Steel Caribou" For GreenPeace

2010 Prop Builder. The children's Theatre Project.

2010 Sculptor. "The killer God" Stasch Radwanski, Director.

2010 "3D SIGN" Bullet Digital10 Sculptor “Lost Girl” Bo Series Inc.

2010 Sculptor “Lost Girl” Bo Series Inc.

2009 Set painter “Camp Rock 2”  Feature Film. Disney Productions

2009 Set painter. “Aaron Stone”  Television series. Shaftsbury Productions.

2008 Painter. Colourworks

2008 "Pipe Organ Head Dress" for Anrew Cohen.

2008 "Not an Elvis Bust" Sculpture for Brass Taps.

2008 "OH OH" Sculpture for Gary Taxali.

2008 "Garden Gnome" Sculpture For Gary Taxali.

2008 "Giant Gramophone" for Mitzy Cream.

2007 "LAST YEARS WINNER" Sculpture for Gary Taxali.

2006 "Rhino Horn" Rhino Bar and Grill

2006 "GE Action Figure" Shop Marrin.

2006 set painter. "Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium"

2005 Sculptor "Return of Zoom" Production designer Barry Shusid

2005 Set painter. "Beautiful People" Production designer Peter Cosco

2005 Mold maker. FX Smith/ Michael Graf Studio

2004 Mold Maker "Richard Stipl Productions"

2004 Set Painter "Perfectman" Feature Film

2003 Set Painter "Confessions" Feature Film

2003 Production assistant "Festival Express" Documentary

2003 Mold Maker "Richard Stipl Productions"

2003 Painter "Wonderfalls" Television pilot Prod. Des. Alicia Keywan

2002 Painter "Wrong Turn" Feature film Prod. Des. Alicia Keywan

2002 Painter "The In-Laws" Feature film Prod. Des. Andrew McAlpine

2002 Painter "The Music Man" MOW Music Man Prod.

2002 Scenic painter "The Pentagon Papers" MOW Pentagon Productions Inc.

2001 Set Design. Discovery Channel

2001 Monopoly pieces. TELAV

2000 Life Size Denonychus Skelleton.Discovery Channel. USA

2000 Set Discovery Channel

2000 "Monarch"Moose for the Delta Chelsea Hotel.Toronto

2000 "Global"Moose for the Metro Toronto Convention Center

2000 Mountain 24'x6'x12'/Breakaway.TELAV

1999 Priest of Isis sculpture. 5'x2'x2' Discovery Channel

1999 CF-18 Nose and Cockpit 8'x3'x1.5' Discovery Channel

1999 Fishtank(Static) 7'x4'x4' Discovery Channel

1999 Steel Life Size Horseheads. Sportsnet/The Jockey Club

1998 Life Size Denonychus Skelleton 14'x2.5'x3' Discovery Channel

1998 Archeaological Dig site set Discovery Channel

1998 Chip and Archer. Promotional for the movie ‘Small Soldiers’ Famous Player/Feature Factory

1997 Sculptor Cheeseburger,7'x 3.5'x4' Sears Commercial Treehouse Production

1997 Scenic Painter Goosebumps Season 3 Protocol Production

1996 Special Effects Assistant ‘the Mimic’ Feature Film FXSmith Inc.

1996 Special Effects Assistant ‘Face Off’ Feature Film FXSmith Inc.

1995 Scenic Artist/ Sculptor ‘Spill’ Feature Film Spill Production

1994 Sculptor ?Operation Golden Phoenix’Feature Film Film One Production

1989 Special Effects Assistant ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ Feature Film FXSmith Inc.

1988 Special Effects Assistant ‘Platoon’ Feature Film FXSmith Inc.

Public Art and Display

1999 Exclamation mark. 8' Daimler/chrysler Trade Show The Prophouse

1998 7 Tomatoes,4'x3'x30' Max’s Supermarkets/Provigo Special Events/The Prop house

1995 Sculptor Wayne Lum Designs-6x120" Chinese Dragons. Market Village, Markham

1991 Assistant Artist ‘Gateway To Understanding’ John’s Quay, Toronto - Artist, David Piqtoukun

1990 Assistant Artist ‘Lost Child’ Installation -Ottawa. Artist, David Piqtoukun


Muse Gallery, Toronto. Ontario

Coldwater Gallery, Coldwater. Ontario


1989 Ontario College of Art Graduate

1988 Ontario college of Art Florence Italy Program

1984 Central Technical High School Art Graduate